Aorotech Holding (shenzhen) Co., Ltd.
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  • www.fkdmg.com
  • Focuses on cutting-edge technology, dangerous operation scenarios, emergency rescue scenarios, and special industry customization. It is a service provider of intelligent equipment and solutions for "dangerous, urgent, and special" scenarios.

    In order to practice "Making world-changing action safe, efficient, and easy" mission,to "Intelligence" in AORO for the vision, to “stand by true heart , to cooperation by modesty, to win by diligence” for the values, independent R & D 9 layers explosion proof technology, multi-mode stability control system and panoramic prospective architecture, has won the 108 national standard certification, 20 national patent technology, 30 types of industry user validation.The company integrates R&D, design, production and sales. It has a terminal production plant of 6,000㎡ and a customized production plant of 1,200㎡. 

    With the direct demand of the products and layers of quality, it has won many awards.In 2020, M5 won the 14th "IOTE Gold Award" innovative product;AORO won the 20th IT Influence China Annual Influential Enterprise in the Information and Creation Field in 2021; in 2022, AORO M5 with China's first "Dual Frequency 5G Industrial Internet" intelligent refinery appeared in CCTV News;AORO M6 Tiantong satellite telephone emergency terminal won the third prize of the 7th "Maker China" competition;AORO P9000 Won the "2021 Internet of Things Star" (RFID) Industry Most Influential Innovative Product-Handheld Terminal Award; AORO won the 2022 Innovation Enterprise Award at the 10th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Leaders Summit; AORO won the title of "Innovative" enterprise and "Innovative SMEs" in Shenzhen in 2022.